Well done to last week’s AET candidates

Well done to last week’s AET candidates for achieving the Level 3 Award in Education and Training.

Thank you for all your kind comments and feedback – we wish you well in your future delivery.

Candidate Feedback:

“The support from Elen prior to the course was very helpful it gave me a clearer understanding about the course and what was involved”
“I loved the group discussions and hands on activities”
“I learnt how to plan and deliver my own lesson”
“Staff were always friendly and approachable”
The tutor was very knowledgeable about the subject”
“I will definitely be recommending Topps to others and
using them again in the future for further courses”
“The course made me re-think and re-apply better
teaching methods and practices”
“The key thing I learnt was that teaching methods
should match my learner’s learning styles to aid their learning journey”
“This course has helped me to be better prepare myself
for when I deliver my own sessions in the future”
“This course has built my confidence and knowledge”
“Comfortable, clean and welcoming venue”
“Highly recommend Topps to others ”
“We were all engaged throughout”

Well done to this weeks Mentoring learners – Nov 18

Well done to this week’s mentoring learners for achieving their L2 Award in Peer Mentoring, you have worked very hard. Thank you also for your lovely comments and feedback:

The course was fun and I enjoyed meeting new people”

“The key thing I learnt was how important it is to listen to my mentee”

“This course will help develop my CV and encourage me to look for work”

“This course has given me confidence in myself again and that I can help others”

“Easy location to find, easy access” & “Very welcoming and polite staff”

“Very interactive sessions and very knowledgeable tutors”

“I will be using Topps again – this course has inspired me to do more courses”

“The key thing I learnt from this course was that I need to keep a diary / book of all the support agencies available to support others, so that I can refer to them when needed  – this will help me become a better mentor”


Well done to the Mentoring learners – October 18

Well done to all the students who achieved their Mentoring Level 2 course in October – you worked extremely hard and did wonderfully in your practicals Thank you again for all of your lovely comments and feedback:

“The new signs are great”

“Intimate and pupil focused workshops”

“The staff at Topps are wonderful people”

“I had plenty of support during my time at Topps”

“Excellent knowledge displayed by the tutor”

“Definitely be using Topps again for any future learning programmes”

“I already recommend Topps to others”

“Really easy location to find”

“Warm and welcoming facilities / learning environment”

“Everyone was encouraged to join in on the session”

“I will be recommending Topps to others and I will be back to do more courses”

“Very helpful session – helped build my confidence”

“Staff where very knowledgeable and helpful throughout”


Well done to the AET students who completed their AET course this month

Well done to the AET students that achieved their AET L3 course last week. You all worked very hard. A big thank you for all your kind comments and lovely feedback.

Learner feedback:

I Loved the friendliness of staff, the structure of the course and particularly the unlimited supply of tea/ coffee”

“The key thing I learnt was how to identify  the different learners needs and learning styles and the various ways of implementing assessment methods into my own teaching practice”

“I loved the style of the workshops, Anna’s delivery and the intimacy of the room”

” Loved the learning environment particularly the garden”

“The key thing I learnt was how to be a charismatic teacher!”

“The course has helped to instill good  teaching practices that I will use with my own learners”

“Brilliant location and easy parking”

“Wonderful, relaxed – professional and a fun course”

“Interesting content; translatable and understandable”

“The tutor was very inspiring”

“This course has given me the knowledge to support learners better in the future”

“The key thing I learnt was the different teaching methods and who they suit most”

“What I loved the most was the small groups, able to work at my own pace”






Well done to the learners to achieved their Level 2 In Peer Mentoring this week

Well done to all the learners who completed their Level 2 Peer Mentoring course this week here at Topps Training and Thank you for all your lovely comments and feedback.

Learner feedback October 2018:

“I enjoyed the course so much”

“I loved the structure and feedback”

“The workshop gave me confidence that I can now mentor others in the future”

“Very comfortable learning environment and beautiful garden”

“Each session was informal and relaxed – this suited my situation and needs”

“Extremely friendly staff”

“Very informative session – I learnt a lot!”

“Excellent knowledge displayed by the tutor”

“I will be recommending this course to others and using Topps again”

“The key thing I learnt was the impact mentoring can have on others”

“I enjoyed all aspects of the course”

Thank you for your comments and feedback

Well done to the students who attended this weeks Mentoring Skills Workshop and a big THANK YOU for all your lovely comments and feedback.

“Brilliant teacher – made it fun”

” Valerie went over everything in great detail”

“I loved the session today it was informative and the facilities were excellent”

“Brilliant knowledge displayed by the tutor”

“Can’t wait to progress onto the next level of this course”

“The key thing I have learnt today is to listen to my mentees”

“I would do this programme all over again if I could”

“This workshop will enable me to help others in need”

“I now have a better understanding of being a mentor and the role a mentor plays”

AET L3 Candidate feedback September 2018

I’ve learnt so much from this course – I can’t wait to teach adults now”

“This course has prepared me and given me the confidence to start applying for teaching work again”

“Very easy location to find”

” Loved the learning environment”

“The tutor kept us all engaged”

“I have already recommended Topps to others”

“I will use Topps again for my staff training”

“Excellent contact before hand to help prepare me for the course ahead”

“This course has provided me with a pathway into ‘Adult Education’ in the future”

“Great tutor and organisation demonstrating tact, diplomacy, kindness as well as learning”

“Supportive and friendly staff”

“Very friendly atmosphere – very welcoming and staff gave lots of encouragement and support throughout”

“The key things I learnt during the course was: planning is fundamental, the different learning styles and everyone’s pace of learning is different”

“Lovely peaceful learning environment to learn in”

Well done to the learners who attended the Introduction / L1 in Counselling this week

Well done to those of you who attended the L1 / Introduction to Counselling course this week and thank you for your lovely comments and feedback.

“I loved the learning environment and content of the course”

” I learnt the difference between counselling and other forms of support”

“The course gave me in depth knowledge and the basics to lead into a counselling profession”

“I would not change anything about this course as its been amazing”

“I learnt specifically what Counselling is, how it is used and how to become a counsellor”

“I loved the delivery of the course”