Well done to last weeks mentoring learners for achieving their Mentoring Level 1

Thank you for your lovely comments and feedback:

“Great, relaxed learning environment”
“Very informative sessions”
“I loved that the groups were small and everyone participated together”
“I learnt the boundaries involved with mentoring peers”
“This course has made me realise I have something valuable to offer others”
“I loved the small and intimate sessions – made it easy to understand”
“This course has made me eager to learn more about mentoring”
“clean and accessible training facilities”
“Staff are hard working, friendly and dedicated”
“The tutors knowledge was outstanding”
“I have learnt more about boundaries, how to behave more professionally and what is perceived as acceptable behaviour and inappropriate behaviour”
“I am looking forward to progressing on to the level 2 course with Topps”

Well done to last weeks students for achieving their AET L3 course

Well done to last weeks candidates for achieving their AET L3 course here at Topps Training.

Thank you for your great feedback and lovely comments:


Candidate Feedback – AET L3 November 2019

“The course has helped me to gain a better understanding of the different teaching methods and learning styles”

“I liked the relaxed style of delivery; I didn’t feel pressured”

“This course has given me the opportunity to move forward into ‘Plant’ teaching and assessing”

“I loved how relaxed the sessions were, it was easy to concentrate and take information in”

“This course will  help me to progress into teaching”

“I have used Topps before and find the staff and courses really good”

“I loved the interaction and encouragement from Anna and Elen”

“This course has given me my confidence back that I had previously lost”

“The support and contact from Elen prior to joining the course was very useful and encouraging”

“I liked the way the course was delivered and structured”

“The key thing I learnt was how to deliver my sessions more effectively”

“This course will help me to further my career”

“Great location and learning environment”

Well done to last week’s Mentoring students

Well done to last week’s Mentoring students for achieving their Level 2 Award in Peer Mentoring.

You all worked so well together and gained so much from each other too – it was great to see.

Thank you for your lovely feedback as always:

“Easy place to find, very nice staff, lovely environment to learn in and very informative sessions”
“The key thing I have learnt is how to be non-judgemental in my approach”
“The course has helped me to set myself achievable goals to help me become a better mentor”
“I loved the friendly nature of all the staff at Topps”
“The course has given me the confidence to pursue further education”
“The support at the start helped a lot, it outlined the detail of the programme and what to expect”
“The group were lovely, so approachable and easy to work with, I really enjoyed the practical we did during the course”
“I defiantly will be using Topps again and will be recommending them to others in the future”

World Mental Health Day – 10th of October 2019

World Mental Health Day – 10th of October 2019

Well done to those of you who attended the Mental Health Awareness L2 course here at Topps Training. You all learnt so much from this programme – Well done everyone.

Learner comments and feedback:

“The key thing I learnt was Mental Health does not need to be a negative – we must all approach mental health in a POSITIVE way”
“The guidance at the start of the course helped a lot”
“The course was really interesting – loved the quizzes!”
“I now know how to use ALGEE in practice”
“I have learnt so much about Mental Health”
“The learning environment was very clean and clutter free – this helped me to focus better”
“I have learnt so much from this course – more than I was expecting”
“The tutor was very informative and approachable”
“The key thing I learnt was the stigma around Mental Health and the suicide rates of men in this country”
“A lovely environment, the tutor has a lot of knowledge and the staff are very helpful”
“This course has develop my knowledge on Mental Health, I now feel more aware of the symptoms and how to approach the subject with my friends and colleagues”



Well done to those of you who attended our September AET L3 course

Well done to those of you who attended our September AET L3 course and THANK YOU for your great feedback and lovely comments.

Candidate Feedback:

“I loved the environment and the friendliness of the staff and students”
“I learnt how to be an effective teacher and the importance of adjusting to individual needs!”
“I am more aware of employers requirements and feel more up to date with my learning”
“The guidance prior to the course helped me to prepare mentally on what was expected of me during the course”
“I learnt how to make my delivery more inclusive to meet different learning styles in the future”
“The course has inspired me to learn more and take my own education further”
“I loved the group discussions”
“Topps have given me a thirst for learning”
“The contact prior to the course made me realise what would be expected of me”
“I loved everything about the course; the teaching methods, environment and the interaction”
“The course will enable me to secure a job in lecturing and confirm the teaching skills that I have”
“This course has given me the confidence to succeed in my chosen career path into teaching adults”










Confidence building sessions a great success – funded by the TNL Community Fund

Well done to this weeks Mentoring group for attending and completing the Introduction to Mentoring Skills programme delivered here at Topps Training and funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.

Thank you all for contributions and lovely feedback during the past couple of days – great to see how supportive and encouraging mentee’s can be of each other.

See you all soon for some more workshops!

Feedback from the learners:

“I liked how welcoming it was”
“The small group made me feel very supported”
“The key thing I learnt was TGROW – this will help me to keep my session structured and mentee focus”
“This course will help me to progress within my chosen career, it has developed my confidence, knowledge and understanding further”
“I loved how calm the tutor was, very friendly and made the course very easy to understand”
“This workshop has helped me to gain knowledge and self confidence in gaining employment in the future”
“A warm and friendly environment”
“This programme has help me to gain confidence in the Mentoring field – I am now ready to explore this field further”

If you want to join our confidence building sessions and learn new skills in a supportive and unique learning environment, then contact the Topps Team today on 01902 652307.