Confidence building sessions a great success – funded by the TNL Community Fund

Well done to this weeks Mentoring group for attending and completing the Introduction to Mentoring Skills programme delivered here at Topps Training and funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.

Thank you all for contributions and lovely feedback during the past couple of days – great to see how supportive and encouraging mentee’s can be of each other.

See you all soon for some more workshops!

Feedback from the learners:

“I liked how welcoming it was”
“The small group made me feel very supported”
“The key thing I learnt was TGROW – this will help me to keep my session structured and mentee focus”
“This course will help me to progress within my chosen career, it has developed my confidence, knowledge and understanding further”
“I loved how calm the tutor was, very friendly and made the course very easy to understand”
“This workshop has helped me to gain knowledge and self confidence in gaining employment in the future”
“A warm and friendly environment”
“This programme has help me to gain confidence in the Mentoring field – I am now ready to explore this field further”

If you want to join our confidence building sessions and learn new skills in a supportive and unique learning environment, then contact the Topps Team today on 01902 652307.







Well done to this week’s Mentoring learners

Well done to this week’s Mentoring learners for attending the Introduction to Mentoring Skills workshop here at Topps Training, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.
Thank you for your lovely comments and feedback:
“I loved the knowledge I have gained from this course”
“The course was delivered in a relaxed but professional manor – great atmosphere”
“I loved the feedback we gained throughout, the mix of learning, group work and having the opportunity to work outside”
“It gave me the opportunity to meet some like minded people”
“The key thing I learnt by doing this course was the requirements expected of a mentor”
“Key thing I learnt on this course was the importance of safeguarding”
“Really good communication before the course”
“I loved the range of methods used to teach the group – lovely setting”
“This course will help me within my future role”
“This course encouraged me to speak to new people and to be more confident”
“The key thing I learnt was Mentoring is used every day in different ways”
Want to explore Mentoring? Learn new skills? Develop your confidence? then contact the Topps team today on 01902 652 307 to find our more about our workshops.

Thank you to our recent AET L3 students for your fabulous comments and feedback

AET July 2019 – Candidate Feedback

“I loved the atmosphere and learning environment, it has been motivational throughout”
“I was engaged in the learning process and the tutor has been very supportive”
“From doing this course I have a lot more confidence in supporting my learners to reach their goals, which was my ultimate goal”
“Excellent facilities and learning environment – well looked after”
“Friendly and supportive tutor easy to talk to with a good sense of humor!”
“I always recommend Topps to others”
“Very friendly tutor – gave us great advise when needed!”
“100% recommend Topps to others and I will be coming back to do more courses with you very soon”
“I loved how everyone was very supportive of each other – both the tutor and students alike”
“The course has helped me to plan my future session correctly”
“The key things I have learnt are how to effectively plan a teaching session and how to overcome barriers in teaching”
“Overall I have gained so much knowledge that I will definitely use everyday – thank you Topps”
“I loved the layout of the training centre, and how much detail was considered in every small thing to benefit us learners”
“Absolutely brilliant facilities and learning environment – very welcoming”

Well done to the Topps Team

Well done to the Topps Team on a successful OCR EQA visit today

Feedback from the EQA:

“Learners are well supported by the centre and are provided with information during a robust induction process. Skills scans are conducted to identify any potential development needs learners may have. ”

“Assessment plans are detailed and provide guidance to the learners. ”

“A good range of assessment methods are used to meet the requirements of the individual units and support learner needs”

“The portfolios sampled were of a high standard and reflected the job role of the learners and the relevant knowledge, skills and understanding they had acquired”

“The centre is very supportive of the learners are therefore use a very flexible approach to suit individual needs.”

We are pleased to confirm that we continue to hold Direct Claim Status for our Advice and Guidance qualifications.


Well done to this week’s Mentoring group for attending and completing the Introduction to Mentoring Skills course here at Topps Training, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.

A big THANK YOU for your lovely comments and feedback as always.

Candidate feedback:

“Excellent learning environment – brilliant space to learn and work”
“Location was very easy to find”
“Staff were very supportive – everyone got involved”
“Tutor was very approachable and friendly”
“Definitely be using Topps again and I will 100% be recommending them to others”
“I loved the way the course was structured”
“The small group numbers and workspace was perfect”
“I have gained a better understanding of what is required of a mentor”
“This course will help with my future voluntary work in Mentoring”
“The support I received prior to attending the programme was very good – I felt very informed”
“The staff were very pleasant and attentive, the programme and delivery was excellent”
“I loved the role play and practical activities”
“I have learnt how to mentor others using the different tools and techniques”
“This course has helped build my confidence”
“I loved the group activities it helped me to complete the tasks within the workbook”
“The key thing I learnt was the importance of record keeping”










First Mental Health Awareness workshop at Topps Training was a great success

Well done to this weeks students who attended the first Free Mental Health Awareness workshop here at Topps Training funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.

Thank you for your lovely comments and feedback as always.

Mental Health Awareness Workshop – July 2019

Candidate Feedback

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops, Anna and Elen are great and I will be returning!”
“Easy to find and a lovely learning environment”
“Tutor was polite, friendly and passionate; well informed”
“I can’t wait to come back and do another course at Topps”
“Great staff – fantastic tutor!”
“I loved the group activities – I wouldn’t change anything about this workshop”
“I loved the environment, the support both Anna and Elen gave along the way and a brilliant group of learners”
“This course will help me to get into my desired field of work”
“Very thought out and relaxed session”
“The key thing I have learnt is how to approach people with Mental Health”

If you would like to find out more about our free workshops please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01902 652307.