Participant Feedback – ESF Workshops May 2022

Mentoring Skills / Mental Health Participant Feedback

Very informative session

I have learnt how to guide the mentee through the TGROW process not to push and respect boundaries

Found Topps immediately on Google! A very relaxed open environment

Extremely welcoming and good at putting one at ease

No one left out, we were all fully involved in the session

Down to earth tutor, friendly and professional

Beyond my expectations, knowledge is very exact and on point very engaging

Definitely will be using Topps again and will recommend to others

I loved the size of the group, the ease of involvement by all

I loved the tutor’s capability of keeping the group on point

I learnt mentors do need to keep accurate records and the professionalism involved within the role

This course opened my eyes to my potential, I am realising the role of a mentor and the opportunities available and open to me enabling me in fulfilling the goals and become a mentor in the future

The people at Topps are friendly and helpful, I loved working and learning from other people

I feel more confident

I learnt I need more patience,  I learnt what good communication is and how to mentor using the TGrow model.



Well done to this weeks AET students on gaining their AET L3

Well done to this weeks AET students, you have all worked very hard and a big THANK YOU again for all your kind comments and feedback. 

Learner Feedback – AET L3 May 2022

“I enjoyed the small group”

“Very friendly and welcoming staff”

“Content was relevant, everyone was involved, tutor was approachable “

“Tutor was always willing to help and had a vast knowledge of the course”

“This course has given me the knowledge, skills and confidence to grow in my new role as a teacher”

“The key things I have learnt are the importance of planning, the different assessment methods available and how to incorporate Maslow’s theory into my sessions”

“I loved the kindness and welcome I received, the skills and knowledge I have gained throughout the week”

“I have learnt how to be more inclusive in my delivery and adapt to my learners needs”

“Easy place to find and a nice learning environment”