Level 1 / Introduction to Mediation

Who is this programme for?

This programme is suitable for anyone who:

  • Wants to learn what the role of a mediator is and the personal skills  required
  • Wants to understand the underlying principles of mediation
  • Wants to understand the main stages of the mediation process
  • Wants to understand how mediation can be used to resolve conflict
  • Wants to enhance their CV
  • Feels comfortable mixing with a socially and culturally diverse group
  • Wants to identify their own strengths as a mediator and areas for development
  • Needs to practice their communication and presentation skills and is happy to give and receive feedback
  • Wants to gain a Level 1 qualification in Mediation

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements although you will need to be able to express yourself clearly.


Please contact Anna or Elen



Individual initial guidance interview ( to be arranged to suit you)
2 x one day workshops
dditional support as required

Please phone us if you would like to join this course or to arrange an appointment to enrol: 0800 5999 416.