A big THANK YOU to last week’s AET group for their lovely comments and feedback.

Well done on achieving your AET L3 qualification you all worked so hard through the week and delivered your own sessions very well – some very interesting and new topics this time round!

Candidate Feedback – May 2019

“Easy to find great directions and signage”
“The key thing I learnt was how to plan a session”
“By attending this course I will be able to train and teach within the beauty industry”
“Lovely learning environment made comfortable, lovely friendly staff”
“Well structured session, the course covered everything expected and more”
“Very approachable tutor, all questions were answered, she was very knowledgeable and professional”
“I would use Topps again and I’ve already recommended them to my colleagues”
“I loved the motivational sessions!”
“I will now be more confident to pass on my knowledge which I have learnt from this programme with my students”
“Informal and friendly session”
“Tutor was very engaging and friendly, very knowledgeable and experienced”
“I loved the group interaction, all the members of the group had different reasons for doing the course and had different backgrounds this gave opportunity for good cross discussion”
“This course will allow me to apply for jobs in the sector I wish to work in”
“I now feel confident that I have chosen the right course to fulfill my personal career change”

A big well done to the students who recently completed their Peer Mentoring L2 course with us here at Topps

Thank you for your lovely comments and feedback:

Peer Mentoring May 2019

Candidate Feedback:

“The contact at the start of the course helped me to prepare my travel arrangements along with having the opportunity to discuss my learning and support needs”

“The key thing I learnt was how to identity barriers and how I can try to overcome these with my mentee’s in the future”

“This  course has made me want to do more things to build on my confidence”

“This course will help me with the mentoring I’m already doing”

“The tutor was very approachable and always available to talk things through”

“I loved engaging with some really nice people”

“I have learnt  that I’m able to deliver as a peer mentor confidently, something I didn’t believe I could do before!”

“All the staff are very friendly and welcoming”

“The tutor was friendly and approachable and a pleasure to be around”

“Everything was explained well”


Well done to last weeks AET L3 students based at TLC College

Well done to the students over at TLC College for achieving their AET L3 Course with Topps Training last week.
Thank you for all your lovely comments and feedback during the week and we wish you all well in your future.
Candidate Feedback:
“Teaching has always been my passion; this course has motivated me to pursue my dream”
“The key things I learnt on this course was the different range of teaching methods I can now use, and the different learning styles I must cater for in my teaching in the future”
“This course has improved my confidence and helped shape my career direction”
“I have learnt how to consider different resources to suit different learners needs”
“The staff at Topps are very helpful and approachable”
“I found it easy to ask and seek guidance from the tutors”
“The key thing I learnt was that you’re never too old to start learning and to challenge yourself”
“This course has given me confidence to keep learning and not too let my brain rust away!”
“I loved the course, it was formal, intense at times but very enjoyable”
“I loved the teacher and the assistance we had on this course”
“All the content was wonderful and useful”
“I have learnt how to deliver information clearly and professionally”
“I loved working in the groups, the short quizzes and learning how to set out my own lesson plan”