Candidate Feedback – December 2020

Well done to those of you who have recently attended and achieved the Mental Health Awareness L2 course here at Topps Training and a big THANK YOU for all of your lovely comments and feedback as always.
“Very friendly and approachable tutor”
“Tutor was very insightful”
“An inclusive and very interactive session”
“I enjoy learning at Topps I would always refer others here “
“The support at the start and the contact from Elen was brilliant”
“Informative, relaxed, interesting and a nice group”
“I have learnt more about Mental health and how to identify signs and symptoms”
“The key thing I learnt was the importance of a risk assessment – how to cope in a crisis”
“This course gave me a broader understanding of mental health”
“The course has taught me how to support individuals with mental health issues”
“Friendly staff and tutor”
“I now have more confidence to support individuals with mental health issues, which is an area that I am passionate about”