AET November 2020 – Candidate Feedback:

Well done to all our AET students who have recently completed their AET L3 course. Thank you again for your great contributions and lovely feedback.
A big thank you to Bilston Resource Centre for their hospitality and for the use of the training room.
“The support at the start was very useful”
” I enjoyed moving round the room to work with other people”
“The course has helped me to push myself towards goals that I thought I couldn’t do before”
“I loved the interaction with the teachers and learners”
“I loved the practical micro-teach sessions”
“I now have a greater understanding of the methods and structure I need to use”
“I have learnt how to incorporate functional skills effectively”
“I loved the motivation given to me by the tutors and the constructive feedback provided”
“The course was well planned and organised”
“The tutor was very knowledgeable and very understanding of individual needs”
“I have learnt that there is many different styles of learning and teaching”
“The course has given me the confidence to apply for jobs”
“The contact at the start that included text, calls and emails was very informative and helpful”
“Great group of learners and teachers”
“I loved how Anna taught the topics using different teaching methods”
“Teachers were amazing!”
“The course will help me to consistently improve myself and will help me to deliver better”
“Brilliant teachers”
“The teachers understood my needs”
“I loved the different teaching methods used”
“I loved the knowledge I learned from this course and how it has improved my confidence”
“I now know that I can do it and have gained knowledge and skills that I can take into my future career”