Thank you to our recent AET L3 students for your fabulous comments and feedback

AET July 2019 – Candidate Feedback

“I loved the atmosphere and learning environment, it has been motivational throughout”
“I was engaged in the learning process and the tutor has been very supportive”
“From doing this course I have a lot more confidence in supporting my learners to reach their goals, which was my ultimate goal”
“Excellent facilities and learning environment – well looked after”
“Friendly and supportive tutor easy to talk to with a good sense of humor!”
“I always recommend Topps to others”
“Very friendly tutor – gave us great advise when needed!”
“100% recommend Topps to others and I will be coming back to do more courses with you very soon”
“I loved how everyone was very supportive of each other – both the tutor and students alike”
“The course has helped me to plan my future session correctly”
“The key things I have learnt are how to effectively plan a teaching session and how to overcome barriers in teaching”
“Overall I have gained so much knowledge that I will definitely use everyday – thank you Topps”
“I loved the layout of the training centre, and how much detail was considered in every small thing to benefit us learners”
“Absolutely brilliant facilities and learning environment – very welcoming”